10/7/2020 Countries training for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games prefer Turkey to camp. Important athletes from various countries will come to Turkey from September to October and train with our national athletes in the Olympic pool. 

In Antalya, Çankırı, Trabzon and Mersin, our national athletes will have the chance to jointly camp with athletes from seven branches coming from England, Ukraine, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain, Russia, Serbia, Israel, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Czechia and Chile.

Camp programs 

Our national female athletes in taekwondo entered training camp with England in Antalya on September 1. Our national team, which has achieved a historic success by getting quota places in 4 weight categories in the Olympics and which will show up as the full squad in Tokyo Olympic Games, includes Nur Tatar, İrem Yaman, Rukiye Yıldırım and Nafia Kuş yer alıyor. Our women’s national team, which has previously won medals from many important international organizations, came together with their English rivals in joint training camp until September 10.

Men’s Olympic Team in box has had the chance to go into training camp with England during September 14-24 in Çankırı whereas Women’s Olympic Team has had the chance to train with their English rivals in Trabzon during the same dates. 

During September 25-30, our Olympic Archery Team trained with Slovenia, Bulgaria, Spain and Russia, which are among the leading countries in archery. Our national archers will enter the competition that will be held in Antalya during October 2-4, during which athletes from 12 countries will compete. 

Our athletes in Karate branch trained with Ukraine in Antalya during September 20-October 1. 

Our national Judo athletes will camp with national teams of Serbia, Israel, Kosovo, Bulgaria, Czechia and Chile in October 1-20. 

Our girls’ fencing team, consisting of Deniz Selin Ünlüdağ, Aylin Çakır and Nisanur Erbil, won the gold medal in the World Youth Cup last year and has become the first Turkish team to be awarded gold medal in the World Youth Cup. During September 27-October 12 in Antalya, our fencing team will train with Ukraine’s Women’s National Fencing Team, which came in second in 2016 Rio Olympics and ranks as the 6th in the World Class. 

Our National Paralympic Shooting Team will train with their Ukrainian rivals in Mersin during September 18-October 4. 

“Our achievements in sports and sports infrastructure increase foreign athletes’ interest in Turkey”

Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu wished success to all our athletes who will participate in Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games and expressed his belief that our athletes will achieve significant success in Tokyo after a fruitful training period. 

Addressing the importance of the fact that our national athletes would be in a training camp with athletes from the world’s leading countries in sports in September and October, Minister Kasapoğlu said that he believed that the joint training camps held and to be held would greatly contribute in the training process of our national athletes. Minister Kasapoğlu explained that the achievements of Turkey in sports in recent years and Turkey’s revolution in sports infrastructure were the reason for the interests of foreign athletes in Turkey as well as the joint camp requests of the world’s leading countries in sports. 

“Turkey is a country with a very high potential of sports tourism”

Repeating that important athletes and sports clubs in the world had increasing interest in our country, Minister Kasapoğlu indicated that this was a sign that Turkey also joined the ranks of leading countries of the world in sports tourism. Stating that Turkey was a country with a very high potential of sports tourism due to its geographical structure and climatic characteristics, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Ours is a country that has every opportunity sought for any traditional and extreme sports branch. With its vicinity to European countries where there are large groups of athletes and its high-quality and affordable accommodation opportunities, Turkey holds the two most important elements of sports tourism. In addition, Turkey is a country that has sports facilities where athletes and teams coming to our country can train at world standards”. 

Stating that they added the fourth “S” for “sports” right next to the 3 S’s of tourism, standing for sea, sand and sun, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “We will boost the strength of our country in sports by effectively integrating sports in the tourism sector”.