10/15/2020 Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, national skier Sıla Kara, Slovenian Ambassador in Ankara, Primoz Seligo, General Director for Sports, Mehmet Baykan and President of Turkish Ski Federation, Ali Oto attended the medal ceremony held at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia. 

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister Kasapoğlu pointed out that Sıla Kara exhibited an important behavior in the name of humanity and said, “Our dear athlete Sıla Kara saved the life and future of a child in an international ski competition in a heroic and brave way. She really exhibited an important behavior in the name of humanity and the spirit of sports. I congratulate her”. 

Stating that the national athlete who saved a child’s life was appreciated not only in Slovenia, but all over the world, Minister Kasapoğlu continued as his words:

“As she has also said, she did this in the name of humanity, love, mercy and compassion. In fact, this is a message to the entire world. Because we are the children of an understanding that knows to love by virtue of the Creator who has created all. When we convey this universal message to humanity, we actually see that this is the antidote to many problems experienced by the entire mankind and the world today. The strongest medicine to many problems the world comes across today is being able to embrace all people regardless of language, religion or race and approach all people with compassion, mercy and justice”.

This exemplary behavior is unforgettable for humanity

Stating that Sıla’s behavior was a good example to the entire sports community, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “She has demonstrated really well that sports mean brotherhood, love, to heal, and to save lives when necessary. I would like to express that this exemplary behavior is unforgettable for both our athletes and humanity. This is a pride that transcends borders. It is a pride that surrounds the whole world with its universal message. You have left a mark in the hears of 83 million Turkish citizens. May your path be clear and full of success”.

National athlete Sıla Kara remarked, “every person is obliged to serve the society and humanity during their lifetime. We, as Turkish athletes, have been raised with such tolerance apart from the training and sports discipline we have received”.

Reminding Sheikh Edebali’s words, “Let people live so the state will live”, Sıla said:

“We are here to do our best in the name of humanity on every platform besides sports. By inviting us here today, you have let us live, too. I hope they will strive to let the people of all the world live and establish social peace. Thank you very much. I extend my love to the people of Slovenia”.

Thanking Sıla Kara for saving the life of the Slovenian child, Slovenian Ambassador in Ankara Primoz Seligo presented the medal of selflessness to the national athlete. 

Ali Oto, President of Turkish Ski Federation, gave a plaque to Ambassador Seligo.

During the Alpine International Ski Competitions that she participated in Slovenia in February, national skier Sıla Kara had saved the life of a Slovenian boy, who was sitting next to her and lost his balance on the chairlift traveling to the top of the ski track, by preventing him from falling off the chairlift.