11/10/2020 Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, the Minister of Youth and Sports, pointed out that Turkey has now become a popular, sought-after country for the organizations within the last 18 years, rather than just requesting the organizations as before.

Ministers Kasapoglu conducted inspections with Ali Yerlikaya, the Governor of Istanbul and Vural Ak, the Chairman of the Board, Intercity at Istanbul Park Racing Circuit prior to the Formula 1 DHL Turkey Grand Prix 2020 to be held between November 13-15. Minister Kasapoglu, who received information about the organization and carried out inspections at Istanbul Park Racing Circuit in Kurtkoy, made a statement to the press.

Pointing out the important it is to host such a large organization in Istanbul, Minister Kasapoglu mentioned:

“It is November 10, today. I remember Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk with mercy and gratitude on the 82nd anniversary of his passing. We will work together in unity with all our efforts in an attempt to carry our great heritage, our Republic we received from him, to higher and advanced levels and to leave it to our youth, our greatest asset, in the best manner. God rest his soul. We are inspecting the preparations for the Formula, together with our Governor, the chairman of the board at Intercity Mr. Vural and we have seen that everything is going to plan so far. I would like to thank everyone who contributed in the making.”

Mentioning that Turkey raised the bar in every field for the last 18 years, Ministers Kasapoglu noted, “Our country raised the bar in every field especially within the last 18 years thanks to the vision, guidance and strong leadership of our Mr. President; including in the sports and sports tourism. We are particularly glad to witness this excitement. Istanbul Park will host the event once again after a period of 9 years. It is also an important opportunity for the promotion of our country and Istanbul.”

Conveying that Turkey hosted significant events owing to its facility infrastructure and its capability in organizations, Minister Kasapoglu continued as follows:

“Turkey has now become a popular, sought-after country for the organizations within the last 18 years, rather than just requesting the organizations as before. We are one of the pioneering, leading countries carrying out all types kinds of organizations in the best manner, thanks to our warm hospitality, excellent facilities in many branches. It is my hope that we will secure a good place in the history by holding the Formula races in the best way next weekend. We talk about sports tourism, sports facilities. As you remember, we have organized a rafting championship on the Zap River recently. We will organize a tennis championship in Cudi, Sirnak in the coming days. We are determined to raise the bar higher in the car races, tennis, volleyball, football and basketball. In this sense, both our private sector, our civil society and all institutions of our government are demonstrating this synergy once again today. So, I think this synergy, this picture of unity, is very important. Hopefully, we will see some other collaborations and even some new works in this regard, with a view to increasing the examples of the picture of unity.”

Minister Kasapoglu stated that they are constantly raising the bar in sports and added:

“Sport means brotherhood, compassion, unity, togetherness. These are some of the aspects that this geography, our country and this sacred nation has what to offer in the best way. With this aspect of the sports, I hope we will always raise the bar, both nationally and internationally. There are Olympics and various organizations ahead of us; our athletes will make us proud, we believe in this. This great nation deserves the best of every happiness and I hope we will work together in cooperation with our institutions and organizations as well as the sports community in an effort to make them experience this joy and feel proud. I wish all sports fans a nice weekend. It is a big loss not to have a crowd due to the pandemic, but our country will prove once again how smoothly and safely it will take care of this special event despite the pandemic. I also wish the pilots and teams success. May God protect them from all evil.”