11/27/2020 Minister Kasapoğlu, who attended the Global Tourism Forum that is arranged to discuss the period during and after the covid-19 pandemic, said: ‘Difficult periods end with some effects, but our goal is to turn this challenging period into an opportunity for both our sport and our youth.’

A part of the Global Tourism Forum which took place in the Istanbul Çırağan Palace Kempinski was held online in scope with the pandemic measures. At the Forum, Covid-19’s effects on tourism and exit routes and global cooperation were discussed.

In his speech at the organisation Minister Kasapoğlu explained the role of the youth and sports in the development strategies after Covid-19.
Minister Kasapoğlu emphasizing that much more work needed to be done in order to turn this difficult process into an opportunity said: 
‘The pandemic affected the entire World. Many sectors were impacted, and tourism is one of those sectors. Our wish is that this process comes to an end for all humans. Sports, in particular, were seriously affected because humans play the largest role in it. Sports are reliant on human involvement and physical efforts of humans. Therefore, sportive activities are both locally and internationally in an area of influence in the pandemic. Difficult periods end with some effects, but our goal is to turn this challenging period into an opportunity for both our sport and our youth.’
Minister Kasapoğlu has said that he believes Turkey will continue on its path in a very different situation and with enthusiasm after this period ends and continued his speech: 

‘Sport is very important and in terms of interactions it has an influence globally. Our country has many opportunities and an amazing population of young people. The establishment of sportive facilities is good in every regard. We have a perfectly structured establishment system. We must strengthen it with sports tourism. We must lay out Turkey’s first 3-5 goals and move on. There are all kinds of efforts. In this regard, there is strong coordination between units that exist after the Presidential Government System and we have brought this up to this point. We will enhance and enlarge this vision in annulated circles.’

Minister Kasapoğlu has stated that they will make the existing phenomenon in sports tourism stronger and continued: ‘We have the good climate; we have the facilities and the hospitality of the friendly Turkish people. These factors cannot be imitated by any power in the World. This is a heritage. Nobody can gain this heritage out of nowhere. We are the descendants of such a noble nation and land. I hope that we will be extraordinarily successful in sports tourism because sportive activities are continuing despite the pandemic. On organisations, Turkey is not in the position of demanding but rather is the one being demanded.’

Reminding that sports have a wide variety of hand-fan, Minister Kasapoğlu continued his speech:

 ‘Our activities continue all over the country. We will continue to work on raising the bar and improving quality. We cannot make do with what we have. We have the goal of always moving a step forward everyday closer to higher quality and standards. Every corner of our country is a piece of heaven with its oxygen, land and sun. ‘Heavenly Country’ is really a correct and strong term. We must lead our country further by working harder and working tirelessly. We will succeed in this if we manage to make sport a part of our daily lives. The districts of our every province has its unique riches, all of them have their own place in our hearts. We do not have even a millisecond to lose. Sport means unity, solidarity and togetherness. After we acknowledge this, nothing will stand in our way.’

Minister Kasapoğlu, stressing the importance of sports in terms of health, said: ‘Sport is a health phenomenon. People who do sports get sick less and are mentally more relaxed. Sport means mental health. In addition to these, it also means social health. Medical experts define the state of being fully well as the culmination of mental, physical and social wellness. On our way to becoming a healthy society, the first step is difficult. Sport is a symbol of unity and solidarity. The fans of teams being happy and sad together are very meaningful. We can be stronger if we can carry this aspect of sports into the other parts of our lives. Sport also means being gentlemanly and having the ability to concede defeat and acknowledge the successes of the opposing side.’

Underlining the fact that they are preparing themselves for new conditions all the time, Minister Kasapoğlu ended his speech with the following: 

‘We have made great progress in making cooperation between firms stronger. Even if the current conditions change, I believe we will be able to turn the new ones into an opportunity as well in terms of both the sectors and the sports community. The wave of the pandemic sometimes becomes tame and sometimes it grows aggressively once again. We make our preparations in a way that would cover all of our partners. I can also see the enthusiasm of the tourism community. There is no causing despair in our World. We will keep our morale high. We will not make concessions from our enthusiasm or our faith. As our leader, our President is a great source of inspiration for us all. In order to use the resources of this country for our lovely people, it is important to look at the future with hope, faith, strength and seriousness. The tourism sector is being heavily affected regarding this issue. There are millions who come to Turkey at every time of the year.  I also see their longing. Just let’s get ready. As the ministry, we have not stopped our actions. Our establishing sportive facilities and constructions continue at full speed and there cannot be a stronger message from this for tourism professionals.’