11/26/2020 Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Youth and Sports, stated that they do their best to bring Turkish sports to the place it deserves, and added ‘It is a responsibility for all of us to bring our sport to the place it’s deserved, not only in our country but in the world. We need unity and solidarity more than ever to fulfil these lofty responsibilities.’

Minister Kasapoğlu made important statements at the International Football Economy Forum organized by Newspaper of Sabah.

Minister Kasapoğlu, who started his speech by commemorating Diego Armando Maradona, the legendary football player who has lost his life recently, continued by thanking those who were involved in organizing the International Football Economy Forum.

Minister Kasapoğlu reminding that he had talked about the brand value of the Super League and made important evaluations at the forum last year, said the followings: 

‘I had given examples from both our own leagues and the other important leagues of the world to emphasize the importance of planning our future as Turkey in a right way. I had underlined how important both the financial and managerial responsibilities over our clubs are and the fact that administrative discipline is an important aspect in fuelling sportive success. In the current global, competition production and marketing have a very important place in the football industry. For this reason, making all of its functions sustainable constitutes the most important line of our approach to this industry. In this context, we must emphasize the importance of infrastructure, sports investments, financial issues and sustainability in performance. However, it is very important to ensure the continuity of success. Along with these, financial fair play is one of the issues that we approach meticulously just like the entire world.

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that they organized an important charette in January where all stakeholders of sports came together and all issues were evaluated, and continued his speech as follows: 

‘We have seen that even though we have differing points of view we can come together in a good atmosphere and that these differences are a source of wealth for our sports. We know and believe again that we have the same dreams and goals as everyone else here today. We all work with our entire strength by putting our minds and hearts to work in order to bring Turkish sports and Turkish football into their rightful place. Bringing Turkish Sports into its rightful place not only in Turkey but also in the world is a responsibility for us all. We are in need of unity and solidarity more than ever to fulfil this lofty responsibility. We need to direct all of our energies, resources and the power generated by these energies and resources towards the solution. I would like to especially emphasize that everyone must show this sensitivity on this topic.’

Minister Kasapoğlu noted that many football players were representing Turkey abroad with success and continued by saying: ‘We have many star players. Around the World they are representing our mighty nation and our glorious flag. We have to concentrate on our star players. We must strive to train more star players. Thank goodness, we have every opportunity to do so. Our president is the biggest supporter of sports and athletes and his contributions to every branch of sports and his support for athletes have been continuing to grow day by day till now since he became the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and we must seize this opportunity. The point we have reached in establishing sportive facilities is apparent. The highest quality stadiums, infrastructure facilities all over our country ...That is why we do not have any time to spare or any energy to waste. We can think differently, we may be lovers of different colours, but we are all one and together under this crescent-star, the glorious flag of our nation.’

Minister Kasapoğlu, stating that it is needed to focus on working towards improving infrastructure facilities, continued by evaluating that: ‘We must also concentrate on what kinds of operations we can conduct in order to close the gap between the Super League, the 1st League and the other lower leagues. Increasing the number of players we will get out from the lower leagues is one of important subject topics for us. We have every kinds of talent in our country. We have thousands of facilities. Our state has a very strong support for this. Local administrations are important partners in this regard. Local administrations have provided a lot of support for the clubs. We must come together in supporting amateur players.’

Minister Kasapoğlu, explaining that clubs should increase their revenue, continued his speech: ‘There are some revenues. Broadcasting revenues, sponsorship revenues. We must work towards increasing these revenues. Furthermore, progress has been made in the fight against illegal broadcasting and illegal betting. We must again come together to eliminate the factors threatening our progress. Sponsorship is a topic coordinated with quality. I would like to express that sponsorship revenues will increase as long as the quality goes up as well. Clubs should have a significant income from abroad. Nevertheless, I believe even our most popular clubs do not have the necessary revenues from abroad. It is necessary to emphasize that the domestic revenue is incredible too. This revenue is over 4 million liras.’

Minister Kasapoğlu touched upon the subject of the Turkey National Football Team’s struggle in the UEFA Nations League: ‘We can encounter some setbacks. Problems or negative outcomes should not deter us. I would like to especially express to be hopeful from our national team.’

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that the sports community was successfully fighting the new type coronavirus pandemic and continued: ‘If god permits it we will get through this period with the least amount of damage by implementing the measures again in the best way possible. All matches are more meaningful and pleasant with the audience. I wish for the competitive and joyous matches to be back soon.’     
Minister Kasapoğlu stressed that Turkey strives to be the best in all fields and continued his speech: ‘Turkey aims to be the best in every field with its transport, infrastructure, industry, economy, education, health… Just like in every other field we will aim for the top in sports and all of its branches if god permits it.  Aiming for the top and succeeding is what suits us. We are the grandchildren and guardians of a heritage and ancestry with the same motives.’

After his speech, Minister Kasapoğlu was honoured with a plaque.