9/17/2020 Providing young people with the opportunity to develop themselves through 345 youth centers in 81 cities of Turkey, Ministry of Youth and Sports founded in Istanbul the first media-themed youth center of Turkey.

The academy that was designed in accordance with the needs of the digital age features many application laboratories and workshops, such as a radio-TV studio, sound recording, portable stage, software coding, cyber security, web interface, network systems, digital TV laboratory, digital radio laboratory, robotic coding workshop, greenbox, e-sports, etc.

In addition to Visual Arts and Stage Workshop (Photography, Folk Dances, Calligraphy, Cartoon and Humor, Puppet Workshop, Theater), Personal Development Workshop (Diction and Public Speaking, Debate, Drama, Sign Language, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Management) courses, Akademi Beyoğlu provides training in many areas such as personal development, effective and fast reading, foreign language education and university preparation courses.

Featuring a mini cinema hall, a music room and a multi-purpose hall, the academy also hosts cultural events such as interviews and panels. There is also Academy Café in the center, where young people can both drink coffee and read a book.

Due to COVID-19, trainings are held online 

In the first term of the applied media trainings of Akademi Beyoğlu Youth Center, young people were given free trainings on camera shooting techniques, video editing, graphic design and photography to build their foundation in this area.

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic that has affected the world, trainings are held online. 
Under Back Media category, courses are organized through distance training in the areas of basic editing and video techniques, writing, photography, digital design, news reading guide, diction and public speaking, and YouTube workshop. 

Kasapoğlu: “We continue to support the ideals of young people in every field”

Indicating that Turkey was among the countries with the youngest populations in the world, Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said, “We are working to evaluate this potential of our country in the right way. We support our young people in sports, science, art, technology, shortly, in every field. We strive to be a good guide and a good companion to them. We provide trainings in cinema, music and media in our media-themed Youth Center. Here, young people have the chance to practice in a modern studio and workshop environment. We use every means available to prepare our young people for the future in a world where everything is changing very rapidly”.