9/24/2020 Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, the Minister of Youth and Sports welcomed the athletes of Istanbul Yildizlar Swimming Club in his office, including the former Minister Kursat Tuzmen who swam from Mersin to Cyprus on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of Cyprus Peace Operation. 

Minister Kasapoglu said that he was very happy to welcome the swimmers striking out from Mersin to Cyprus on July 20 on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the Cyprus Peace Operation. 

Stating that the efforts made are so important for the youth as they set a good example for them, Minister Kasapoglu noted, “We are committed to further extend the sports. Your efforts are very meaningful as they set a good example for our youth. This is what it takes to be a role model. Every time I see my Minister Kursat Tuzmen, I get a different thrill. He is an athletic and intellectual personality. His effort drives us with great motivation. The fact that the swimming organization falls on the 46th anniversary of July 20 is a nice coincidence. There is a dedication here. We need to bring you together with the youth. We need to instil this spirit in the youth”.

“We strive to further extend the sports culture across our country” 

Emphasizing that they attach great importance to the of swimming branch, Minister Kasapoglu added, “We attach a particular importance to swimming. Swimming is supposed to be at a very different level in Turkey. The number of friends like you should increase. We have efforts in this framework. I hope that we will exceed our project and the target: 1 million we have set, so that everybody can learn how to swim. We are building semi-Olympic pools that will be easy to access. We are trying to work out how we can use our seas and water resources more effectively, in an attempt to teach how to swim”. 

Expressing that the sports culture is not at a desired level in Turkey, Minister Kasapoglu continued, “Unfortunately, our people are not so ambitious about regular exercising and making the sports a part of their daily routines. We have thousands of facilities, but our facilities are not as full as we expect them to be. “Actually, we are not a slow-moving society, but we have efforts to get over it gradually thanks to the resources and opportunities introduced by the technology. 

Following the visit, the athletes of the Istanbul Yildizlar Swimming Club presented the Minister Kasapoglu with a club’s jersey bearing his name.