9/29/2020 A joint activity performed by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Industry and Technology, TUBITAK and Turkish Technology Team Foundation, Deneyap Technology Workshops Project showed a significant improvement in a short period of time. While the number of workshops included in the project has been increased to 30, it is expected to reach the target of 100 workshops pretty soon.

Deneyap Technology Workshops host the teenagers at a total of 30 workshops in this term. In the workshops operating at the youth centers, the teenagers of secondary and high school age will get training on various subjects in the field of science and technology for a period of 3 years.

Mentioning that a precious step was taken thanks to Deneyap Technology Workshop in training the future technology stars in Turkey, Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, the Minister of Youth and Sports, continued, “Deneyap is one of the major projects that will shape the future of Turkey especially in science and technology, very precious steps have been taken at this point under leadership of our President and under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry. I believe that these efforts will bear fruit in a very short time.”

Noting that the activities continue in 30 cities within the scope of Deneyap and 100 Deneyap Technology Workshops will be built in 81 cities at the Youth Centers of the Ministry of Youth and Sports by the end of 2021, Minister Kasapoglu added, “What we actually mean by Deneyap Technology Workshops is that we urge and encourage our children to invent somethings. We make all the means and resources available for them to make inventions and become the scientists of the future.”

Delivering information about the trainings given at Deneyap Technology Workshops, Minister Kasapoglu told that young people will receive training and work on Design-Production, Robotics-Coding, Electronic Programming, Software Technologies, Aviation and Space Technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Nanotechnology for 3 years and said that approximately 50 thousand students are expected to receive training at the workshops in 5 years.

Stating that a new training calendar has been issued within the framework of coronavirus measures, Minister Kasapoglu completed his words as follows:

“Along with the new workshops, 5400 young people will be trained at 30 workshops in total. We are delighted to host our youth at our youth center and workshops. We consider them the gems that will carry Turkey to the future. Our Youth Centers serve in line with the demands and requests of our young people in a wide range stretching from science to arts to sports to personal development to language training and technology.