11/4/2020 Minister Kasapoğlu made a statement at the 66th Gillette-Milliyet Athlete of the Year Award Ceremony held at Volkswagen Arena. 

Emphasizing his belief that the Tokyo Olympic Games to be held next year as well as other championships will bring many achievements that will make the country proud, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Our country is quite ambitious about sports, as in every area. We have a President who loves sports and athletes and shows the value he attaches to them in his deeds. It is the duty of us all to raise the bar with such vision of our President and his love for sports. I also believe that we must keep our efforts to take our achievements to a higher level always alive. In order to take our success in sports to another level, we must carry with new understandings and projects while engaging in self-criticism when necessary”.

“I firmly believe that we will see different achievements with the synergy that will emerge”

Indicating that Turkey is ambitious in all areas, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “We are ambitious in all areas. In order to strengthen such discourse, we need to further strengthen our unity and solidarity. I firmly believe that we will see different achievements with the synergy that will emerge”. 

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that the mentality that sports were made up of just a few branches was left behind and further noted:

“We have recently held a rafting championship in Hakkari. Athletes from all over the country lighted up the atmosphere that some people tried to cast a shadow on with tears and blood. We believe that we will experience the improving spirit of sports in other places of our country. Unfortunately, traitors martyred one of our civilian officers in Derecik, Hakkari. We will keep bringing our nation, our young people and children together with sports and walking towards the future with the beauty in sports despite the traitors and those wanting to place a premium on blood and tears”. 

Following his speech, Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu presented his award to national wrestler Rıza Kayaalp, who was deemed worthy of the “Athlete of the Year”.

Awards Found their Owners 

The names who received awards at the 66th Gillette-Milliyet Athlete of the Year Award Ceremony are as follows:

Breakout Athlete of the Year: Merih Demiral

İslam Çupi Milliyet Sports Extra Special Award: National Women’s U19 Volleyball Team Captain

HDI Insurance Special Award: Ozan Tufan

Gillette Venus Female Athlete of the Year: Sümeyye Boyacı

Erdoğan Demirören Grand Prize: Turkish Volleyball Federation President Akif Üstündağ

Gillette Special Award (E-sports): Fenerbahçe E-Sports

Gillette Football Player of the Year: Çağlar Söyüncü

Vestel Special Award: Eda Erdem / Women’s National Volleyball Team Captain

Team of the Year: National Football Team 

Milka Skier of the Year Special Award: Sıla Kara

Namık Sevik Special Award: Afşin Yakupoğlu

Altınyıldız Classics Special Award: İbrahim Çolak

Paralympic Athlete/Team of the Year: Sümeyye Boyacı

Gillette’s Razor-Sharp Move of the Year: Enis Destan - Altınordu