Ministry of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu stated that when the state embraces all the citizens, when the regional injustices disappear, when the university welcomes everyone, then no one could fool the children of this country.

The 2021 budget of the Ministry of Youth and Sports was discussed and approved at the General Assembly of the TGNA. At the General Assembly, starting his presentation of his Ministry's budget for the year 2021 by reminding that he has completed the Covid-19 treatment and expressing his gratitude to those who stand with him with their support and prayers and to the healthcare workers who made their efforts, Minister Kasapoğlu put his thankfulness into word for healthcare workers who are at the forefront in the fight against the Covid-19 outbreak and he also thanked to TGNA for fulfilling its responsibility to the nation acutely by having perfect attendance to the works of Assembly.

Pointing out that one of the heroes of the quarantine process is the dormitories affiliated with his ministry, Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that the dormitories allow the quarantine process to be managed in the best way.

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that dormitories have become home to not only for the students in this process, but for the nation also, he added "unlike many European countries which are unable to overcome many problems in this sense and fail to accomplish their implementations, Turkey has performed one of those requirements of being a social state more successfully and strongly one more time. Thankfully, we hosted more than 100 thousand citizens from 97 different countries of the world in 293 dormitories in 81 provinces of our country.”

Explaining that dormitories are also allocated for healthcare workers, Ministry of Justice personnel, military personnel and citizens who are quarantined for precautionary purposes, Minister Kasapoğlu said, "I should proudly state that our dormitory infrastructure, which offers us an extraordinary infrastructure at times that require a fast and practical solution, is one of investment moves of 18 years and the stars of our esteemed President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with his personal pursuance. The most important thing that strengthens our hand is that dormitory investments are designed, planned and built not only for students, but also to meet all kinds of needs".

"Our dormitories provided services to our citizens in need during the earthquakes"

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that they will continue to be with the young from now on, as it has been until today, and noted that during the pandemic process, they canceled the payments of students in the dormitories throughout their absence and continued their loan and scholarship payments without interruption.

Stating that the dormitories are offered to the citizens in need during the earthquakes in Elazig, Malatya and Izmir, Minister Kasapoğlu said that the youth centers always welcome all the people.

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized that protecting the fitness, body health and motivation of the athletes during the period when the competitions are not held is one of their main goals and they have achieved this.

Stating that they will continue to provide all the opportunities of the state for young people, athletes and the whole nation regardless of the terms and conditions, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Our country has a youth who is closely interested in the developments in the world, thinks, produces, brave, intelligent, and looks at life from the perspective of justice and conscience. As the Ministry of Youth and Sports, he stated; "We work, produce and make efforts for a youth who can make independent decisions, take care of their responsibilities, realize their abilities, dream, touch differences, deal with issues concerning human and environment, and produce."

"Nobody should discourage young people on their hopes"

Minister Kasapoğlu, said that AK Party is such a party that has the honour of serving and producing with the strength of youth and their ideas, energies, and efforts for 18 years, and devote its life to that.

Stating that they learn something new from youth every single day as they try to guide them with their experiences in their companionship with the young people, Minister Kasapoğlu said that on this wise, they constantly update and improve the services provided by the state with them.

Emphasizing that young people have the awareness, and the youth are the hope, Minister Kasapoğlu stated that as long as the power of Turkey increases, the brain drain becomes reversed. Kasapoğlu continued his words as follows:

"The best engineers, the best physicians, the best teachers, young people, athletes, scientists are here now. "Nobody should discourage young people on their hopes" Thank God that, under the leadership of our President, who cares young people, who really loves, who produces for the young people, Turkey now has a bright future. Now Turkey is not lagging behind in the world, and able to compete head to head with the most powerful countries. Our young people know and feel what this means the most. When the state embrace all the citizens, when the regional injustices disappear, when the university welcomes everyone, then no one will be able to fool the children of this country. Our youth grow up with education, social facilities, arts and sports, and they represent our country and our glorious flag in the strongest way all over the world. "

"The ratio of female athletes increased from 22.5 percent to 41 percent"

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that the level reached in sports during the AK Party governments the especially within the context of work for women, is one of the points of pride.

Stating that female athletes performs outstanding achievements in almost all branches, Ministers Kasapoğlu said "Turkey achieved the ratio of female athletes rise from 22.5 percent to 41 percent. Minister Kasapoğlu drew attention to the fact that this non-coincidental success of female athletes will continue to increase in the future.”

Saying that there is no obstacle for women who never give up on the way to success with the revolutions of AK Party governments in every field, Minister Kasapoğlu added "Our struggle will continue with determination against those who cause our women to live their lives in fear, and those who try to expose them to violence and abuse. "We must be in a sincere attitude together in combating violence against women."

"There is spirit in these facilities"

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that some MPs were trying to draw a dark picture in the budget negotiations and said, "Let's not spread the youth the virus of unhappiness and despair. "Let's not do this" he said.

Minister Kasapoğlu called the MPs to be with the youth in dormitories, camps, and young offices, and continued as follows:

“It's not a time to complain, it's not a time to draw a desperate picture, it's a time to instil hope, a time to get unity and solidarity. We know well that how this country achieved to overcome the hardest times. We remember those who were trying to punish a young and female MP of this country and those who say “Punish this woman” in this platform. In this country, we know those who need a wig at school doors, those who enter their schools through the bathroom or the toilet, and students who cannot enter university due to the coefficient barrier. But we do not have any grudges in any way. We are here to overcome these issues for this country to have a bright future. We are here for the continuation of this bright future. Regardless of sects, beliefs, or thoughts of the youth in this country; regardless of any self-expressions with any kind of clothing and lifestyle, we are in favour of having them together and using all the possibilities of this country. We strive for that. Come and be with us in this sense. "

Stating that the dormitories had 284% capacity increase in 18 years, Minister Kasapoğlu said, "They called the facilities 'concrete'. There is soul, heart and great effort in these facilities, "he said. Minister Kasapoğlu, showing the photos of the dormitories, emphasized that these facilities are comfortable and equipped to compete with the hotels.

Ministers Kasapoğlu, while showing photos of sports facilities, voiced that such athletes will be grown in these facilities that will be the pride of Turkey.

In his speech, Minister Kasapoğlu also stated that they gave scholarships to 450 thousand students.

Listing the recent achievements of Turkish athletes and expressing their pride in all of them, Minister Kasapoğlu expressed his belief that Turkish athletes will achieve important successes in the Tokyo Olympics.

Explaining that they organized a sports workshop and thanked those who contributed, Minister Kasapoğlu said that they thoroughly discussed all issues with all stakeholders in this workshop. Minister Kasapoğlu thanked those who contributed to the workshop and said, "We will share a reform strategy in sports with our parliament in the following days. I hope we will take this historical step together to make both our clubs, federations and athletes stronger in the future."

Stating that he believes that the parliament will take the historical step in this study, Minister Kasapoğlu said, "From now on, everyone will be responsible in the new period. In the conjuncture of the sports agenda, nobody will lead any waste. We will raise new Yusufs, Merihs, İbrahims, İlkes, Fatmas, Cedi Osmans, Çağlars, Furkans and Şahikas with our attention. "We will invest in the children of the country, we will both develop our pool of athletes and increase the number of our champions" he said.

"The youth of this country are the light in our eyes."

Ministers Kasapoğlu, mentioning that they have organized a Sport Tourism Workshop, said that they will take steps one by one to make Turkey a popular brand in this area.

Stating that the ski resorts in the mountains of Hakkari and the ski lifts of Sarıkamış, which were cleared of the bombs of terrorist organizations, host skiers from many countries of the world; that rafting tournaments were organized in the rivers of Şırnak, Kasapoğlu said, "The terrorist organization not only betrayed the people of this country, unfortunately, they made the most betrayal of these paradise cities. But despite their burning down, we built and renewed those facilities one by one. "

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that he attaches importance to consultation with the deputies on all issues and that they are always ready to provide information.

Stating that he does not think that anyone in the Assembly would think differently when it comes to the children of these lands, Minister Kasapoğlu continued his words as follows:

"The youth of this country are the light in our eyes. For us, it is not only today's agenda, but every day's. Their problem is the concern of each of us, their joy is the joy of each of us. So we will do together whatever it is. We are a country with the conscience of the world. We are a country that always stands by the aggrieved, the right and justice with the notion of our Dear President as 'The world is bigger than 5.' Last week, our team, our athletes, put the best attitude against racism in the middle of Europe in Paris. We are proud of them. "

Pointing out that their goal is the ideal of humanity, youth and nation, Minister Kasapoğlu said that participation is the basis of all their policies and that they are open to any criticism and contribution in this context.

Minister Kasapoğlu wished that the 2021 budget would be beneficial for the nation, youth and athletes.