12/18/2020 Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu attended the "Brand & Sport Summit 2020" (Brand and Sports Summit) organized online at the ESA Arena in 42 Maslak Shopping Mall in Istanbul and emphasized the importance of sports for brands.

Stating that sports is a phenomenon far beyond physical activity, Minister Kasapoğlu said, "Brand and sports relationship is a platform where new approaches are put forward in all aspects. Many professionals get the chance to express themselves here. For this reason, it is an approach that reveals many functions from product to production, from finance to human resources, from research and development to marketing”.

Stating that sports is a tremendous industry, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Athletes, clubs, institutions, facilities, infrastructure, audience and those who put forward and demand in this sense are the stakeholders of this industry and we see that this industry is growing and changing significantly. This is a subject that includes many opportunities. For brands, sports have a strength that is not available in any other fields. It has a magical side to it. Sports has a direction that touches the positive areas in human life, strengthens unity, solidarity, fellowship, increases love and hope, and brings people together in common happiness and excitement. These features establish a perfect ecosystem in a way that will provide companies with continuity in brand communication. There is no such thing as grand brands not in touch with sports. The recognition of those which move with sports is moving much faster, we know this. It is an important opportunity to touch people's lives with sports and within this framework, it is opportunity for brands to move one step ahead.”

“Especially in the last 4 years, we see that the sponsorship revenues of independent sports federations have increased twice.”

Minister Kasapoğlu emphasized the importance of the upcoming process in terms of sponsorship by the following statements: "We see that sponsorships create awareness that is 4 times higher than standard advertisements. The sponsorship relationship is not one-sided. There is a win-win relationship. In sponsorship, both the receivers and the sponsors have a different area of responsibility. Successful fulfilment of responsibilities requires a solid infrastructure".

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that the way for sponsors was opened with the law amendment made in 2004 and continued his words as follows:

“In relation to both legal regulations and implementations actualised; as Turkey, our country and all our stakeholders wear their fingers to the bone. Under the leadership of our President, as AK Party, many steps have been taken to improve the mandate of sponsorships for 18 years. Especially in the last 4 years, we see that the sponsorship revenues of independent sports federations have increased twice. We are talking about a dynamic process in sports. In this sense, developments do not reveal that we should stop, but that we need to work harder and move forward. In this context, we need to increase the power of our federations and clubs. It is necessary to demonstrate efficiency in the methods of the federation and clubs. Transparency and measurability should be put forward as a mission. In this sense, one of our goals as the ministry is to further strengthen this ground.”

"We will host important organizations in 2021"

Underlining that they brought all stakeholders together with their workshop this year, Minister Kasapoğlu said: “I hope we will realize a revolution in sports in the coming period. Our veteran council will also legalize this and take the most powerful steps to ensure that our march in sports exists in the future. Everyone have come together and is still coming together with common cause, love. It is very important to discuss different ideas under the same roof. We attach great importance to participation, common sense and the efforts of all stakeholders to express themselves. We equipped our country with excellent facilities. With the leadership approach of our President that attaches importance to sports and athletes, we have established an infrastructure that promises significant hopes for the future, be it professional, semi-professional or amateur. I hope we have important tourism organizations for 2021 this year. We will organize the most beautiful organizations with the hospitality of the Turkish people and the quality service of our country. We are assertive in this regard”.
After stating that: 

“In relation to organisations, we are no longer a demanding country, but a demanded country now.”; Minister Kasapoğlu completed his words with the following:

“We held very important organizations successfully. I believe that our country will continue on its way by strengthening our brand activities with organizations such as this organization while walking with strong and firm steps towards its future. We, as the ministry, stand by young people, athletes, and everyone who puts effort in this field. We have been with you; we will continue to be. The more we think and strive together, the stronger tomorrows will be, unless we give credit to negativities."