1/7/2021 In his speech at the “Youth and Sports Investments Protocol Signing Ceremony” held in the yard of Burdur Governorate, Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu stated that they were working to strengthen the future of sports in Burdur and to ensure young people are better equipped for the future. 
Sharing information regarding the investments made in Burdur, Kasapoğlu said, “We have 13 synthetic fields, 2 semi-olympic pools and sports halls in the center and districts of Burdur.  Also, the construction of a sports hall with a capacity of 2,500 people has just been completed. I could say that it is one of the newest sports halls in our country. The pool has been built in the best way possible. Our project ‘Everybody Will Learn Swimming’ will contribute to Burdur”.

Stating that they had been in cooperation with local governments and parliamentarians and had always implemented forward-looking projects, Kasapoğlu said:

“Some will cause incitement, but we will offer our services in spite of them. Some will try to calumniate certain activities with slander, but we will produce more in spite of them. We will work harder for the welfare of our citizens and the bright future of our country. Traps will be set, but we will stand our ground in spite of them, and, just as we have done so far, we will continue working endlessly and tirelessly for the happiness of our people, who are the bright future of this country,”. 

Indicating that he was in Burdur today for the investments to be made in Ağlasun, Altınyayla, Bucak, Çavdar, Çeltikçi, Gölhisar, Karamanlı, Kemer, Tefenli and Yeşilova, Kasapoğlu indicated that were leaving works behind and producing services.

“This bar will be raised even higher”

Indicating that, thanks to the strong and pioneering leadership and sincere efforts of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the last 18 years, Turkey had been aiming for the top in agriculture, transportation, health, industry and economy and had always been in the top league in sports and youth, Kasapoğlu further said:

“As of today, we have increased the number of facilities to 32 from 12 in 2002. This bar will be raised even higher. We used to have just one dormitory in Burdur, but now we have 7. We have a student capacity rising from 1 thousand 500 to 5 thousand 500. As we all know, we have ongoing projects and constructions. Whereas we used to have not a single youth center, we have 3 now. God willing, we will increase this number even more. Hopefully, we will increase our efforts towards increasing the access of everybody to sports, including our athletes and young people, as well as all our female, male, young and elderly citizens”.

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that they would continue to increase the number of facilities to increase access to sports.

Stating that they made significant investments in Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Kasapoğlu stated that the investments revealed a very meaningful vision in terms of the integration of the city and the university.

Reminding that 2021 was announced as the year of the National Anthem, Kasapoğlu said that they would host young people from all over the country in Burdur.

“Our aim is to spread sports across the society”

Stating that they were trying to spread sports across every audience with women-oriented sports strategies, Kasapoğlu invited women to come to sports facilities.

Explaining that they had implemented the “10 Thousand Basketball Hoops” project in order to raise new “giant men”, Kasapoğlu also gave the good news of 100 basketball hoops for Burdur.

Stating that they would build basketball hoops even in villages, Kasapoğlu said, “Our aim is to spread sports across the society and to help our young people who are fond of and talented in sports and raise them as the champions of the future and the brave people who will wave our flag in the international arena. Tomorrows will be much brighter with the pioneering leadership and vision of our President”.