1/12/2021 Minister of Youth and Sports Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu noted that the success of national athletes continued in many branches despite the pandemic. 

Minister Kasapoğlu came together with world champion, former national motorcyclist and Justice and Development Party Sakarya Deputy Kenan Sofuoğlu, Spor Toto Organization President Bünyamin Bozgeyik, Turkish Automobile Sports Federation President Eren Üçlertoprağı, Turkish Motorcycle Federation President Bekir Yunus Uçar, as well as national athletes Toprak Razgatlıoğlu, Can Öncü, Deniz Öncü, Bahattin Sofuoğlu, Asrın Rodi Pak, Ayhancan Güven, Cem Bölükbaşı and Berkay Besler. 

Making a speech at the reception held in the headquarters of the Ministry, Minister Kasapoğlu called out to the young athletes, “You are the pride of this nation”.

Emphasizing his belief that the success of national athletes would continue in 2021, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “You have made us experience success and happiness despite these challenging times. We are getting through the pandemic, growing ever stronger. These pioneering achievements will be crowned with even bigger ones in 2021. Talent scouting is crucial for strong and sportive tomorrows. We offer our sports without practicing any favoritism among branches”.

Noting that positive feedback was received from the international federation, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “We will be hosting many championships in 2021. We will continue to be the country that organizes the highest quality events”.

Indicating that it was pleasing that young people were gravitating towards different branches, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Today, our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has opened the Traditional Sports Youth and Sports Club. It is a very beautiful facility. We will increase the number of our facilities across the country and stive to make them more accessible to our people. We have made our facilities available to our people day and night. I would like to say that the doors of our Ministry are always open to you. I would also like to say that our country has a bright future in motorcycle and automobile sports. Our doors and hearts will always be open to you”.
During the reception, which took place in a sincere atmosphere, Minister Kasapoğlu asked Can Öncü, pointing to his twin brother, “Who is older, do you call him older brother?”, and Can answered, “he is 3 minutes older than me. I do not call him older brother”. 

Kenan Sofuoğlu: “We expect championship from Toprak, Bahattin and Can”

In his statement at the reception, world champion, former national motorcyclist and Justice and Development Party Sakarya Deputy Kenan Sofuoğlu gave examples from achievements of athletes and said, “We wanted you to see the young ones. We are grateful to you for the support”.
Expressing that athletes would bring great success and happiness to the nation in 2021 as a result of the support, Sofuoğlu said, “We expect championship from Toprak, Bahattin and Can”.

After the speeches, Toprak Razgatlıoğlu presented his autographed helmet to Minister Kasapoğlu, who had his photos taken with Sofuoğlu, the federation presidents and the athletes.