11/24/2018 “The profession of teaching is a title that means more than simply being some sort of occupation, career or job; and that promises both a heavy burden and a great reward to those seeking to become a teacher. 

The profession of teaching is demanding since it always requires a life dedicated to teaching and learning. But still, it is a blessed duty that crowns the superhuman efforts with a magnificent gift. The entire world benefits from the favourable results for which the teachers work so hard and do their very best.

Teachers are the backbone that keeps the society alive, and the main vein that gives life to the nation. As the students raised by them during their education career grow up like the seeds scattered in the fertile field of the future; the communities from which they emerge will turn into a nation, and the lands where they grow in their bosoms will turn into a homeland. In this sense, the bridge that conveys the values, beauties and virtues, no matter how many, which make us to be us and make us a human, to the future rises thanks to the efforts and hard work of the teachers.

November 24th, which became a symbol date due to the fact that Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was given the title of “Head Teacher” by the nation’s schools, will surely never be enough to express the endless gratitude we feel for our teachers. But still, I would like to take this opportunity on this occasion to celebrate the day of our teachers and express my appreciation for every member of the education society, who shapes our future in an effort to make all of us feel confident of ourselves for the tomorrow. 
Based on our criteria of culture that considers it a privilege to be a slave for forty years for anyone who teaches us a letter in the alphabet, I salute our teachers and prospective young teachers who are the jewels in the crown, with great respect and compassion and wish Allah’s mercy upon our martyred teachers. 

Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
Minister of Youth and Sports