10/29/2018 “The great Turkish Nation, who always deems the independence and future of the nation, above and beyond their own lives, battled with an outstanding self-sacrifice and determination to relieve the country of enemy’s occupation 95 years ago and this battle was crowned with the proclamation of the Republic on October 29th, 1923.

This victory did not come so readily; the nation managed to overcome the difficult conditions it confronted, by virtue of the feelings of faith, unity and solidarity, only.
The Republic of Turkey managed to survive for 95 years, still maintaining the same spirit today. The spirit that made Canakkale impenetrable and did not think of coming back in Sarikamis is still alive today and continues to render our country victorious and successful in every field.

The biggest achievement of our republic is the democracy; it is the reflection of the nation’s will on the government. For the peace and happiness of our nation, we will faithfully protect the will, law and justice. In our country, where the world looks with envy, we will build much more promising tomorrows together, hand in hand with our youth.
Under the leadership of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, we will continue to work for our youth, to pave the way for them, to become companions for them. If we step through the path to the future by holding onto each other, protecting each other’s law and always have a compassion for each other, it is highly unlikely that any obstacles that we face will intimidate or defeat us.

I strongly believe that we will see a more productive, active and participatory youth in the 100th year of our republic, in science, art and sports. As the Ministry of Youth and Sports; we will continue to take part in all fields where our youth are supported by the youth centers, camp centers, dormitories, sports facilities, credits and scholarships. Our primary task is to provide our young people with the equipment as required by our era and to be the first hand to reach out to them in every area they could need.

It is the common responsibility of ours to improve the Republic of Turkey rising on the legacy of a thousands of years old state’s tradition and the free will of our nation and emerging with hard work and self-devotion by means of democracy and justice and render it everlasting. It can be possible to do that, only through self-devotion and fidelity.

From the bottom of my heart, I mark the 95th anniversary of our Republic.
I remember with mercy and gratitude, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of our republic, all our martyrs and veterans, hoping that the unity and solidarity will be everlasting.”

Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
Minister of Youth and Sports