3/18/2019 “We commemorate with a great honour and happiness the 104th Anniversary of the Canakkale Victory, a sign of loyalty to the country, freedom and sacred values of our nation with a glorious and dignified history.

The Battle of Canakkale is a piece of history, through which the great Turkish Nation declared to the entire world, with the bayonets, bullets and high power of faith, that it is determined to survive forever on the geography we live today; no force can break it away from Anatolia.

The Epic of Canakkale, where all Muslim elements from Sarajevo to Damascus to Skopje to Baghdad to Diyarbakir and Baku have become martyr, is the most glorious resurrection and resistance movement of the Islamic Society.
The resistance of Canakkale is a historical and unprecedented challenge in which hundreds of thousands of heroes of the nation never refrained from scarifying their lives so that the values that we deem as our honor were not damaged and the country and nation could survive.
The Battle of Canakkale is not only a military success but also a resurrection and uprising monument through which the great Turkish nation stood up against the forces willing to play with its amour propre and dignity.
This victory is the triumph of declaring Anatolia as the homeland. The soils on which we live were made as a home country for us, by virtue of the sacrifices, faith, hope and dedication.

Our greatest duty and responsibility is to carry our heritage we received from our ancestors to the future with a high level of consciousness and awareness, with ever compromising our independence and future.
In the battle against those who have treacherous plans on our homeland, the unique source of strength and inspiration that our great nation needs is hidden in the magnificent meaning of the Spirit of Canakkale.

I would like to take this opportunity to commemorate with mercy all martyrs resting in peace on the sacred soils of the country, who sacrificed their lives as the reason of our existence and survival and also remember the holy memories of all our heroes, especially Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, with respect and gratitude.
I wish mercy from the God to our sons and heroes who lost their lives for the sake of welfare and survival of the nation.

May they rest in peace.”

Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
Minister of Youth and Sports