Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu

Dr. Mehmet Kasapoglu was born in Istanbul in 1976. Having graduated from the Department of Business Administration, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Marmara University. Mr. Kasapoglu did a master’s degree in local administrations and decentralization at the same university. Serving as a visiting fellow, specialist and project coordinator in the field of management organization at the School of Business, Florida State University in the U.S.A., Mehmet Kasapoglu completed his MBA at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Dr. Kasapoglu received his Ph. D from Istanbul University with his work on local employment.

Actively involved in non-governmental organizations during his student life in Turkey and overseas, Dr. Kasapoglu worked in the field of international trade in private sector.

Following his appointment as the Advisor to the Prime Minister in 2009, Mehmet Kasapoglu held various positions at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

Dr. Kasapoglu, who contributed in putting a great many facilities into service in an effort to expand the sports to the general public and ensure accessibility to sports for everyone during his post as the Head of Sports Toto Organisation, focused especially on financing the youth, educational and sports activities as well as on increasing the level employment in sports.

Mehmet Kasapoglu is married with two children and he can speak English and Arabic.