“We left the year 2018 behind, with all the joys and excitements we had together, and now we are heading into 2019 with new hopes. 

As the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we have carried out a great many activities that brought new initiatives into our country, youth and Turkish sports within the year we left behind. It will be our target to carry out new activities that will put a smile on the faces of our teenagers and bring new sporting achievements to our country in 2019, as well. We will further promote the development of our country in terms of democracy and economy. We will spare no sacrifice for the safe future of our youth.

Our youth is without a question the most precious asset of our country striving to become the conscience and mind of the world. This youth, the assurance of a better Turkey and world, is a youth that produces information and ideas for the peace and safety of not only our country but also all humanity and that observes the fairness of every human and living creature in the axis of justice and mercy. 

While we try to do our very best so that our youth that is the mind, heart and conscience of Turkey can benefit from the best resources and opportunities, we also wish that they took responsibility in all production processes and enriched the language of compassion and brotherhood. In this context, I also invite all our youth to participate in a volunteering activity within the scope of the Volunteering Year: 2019, which has been declared by the Ministry.

The late Ali Fuat Basgil says, “Smart person thinks how to use the time, rather than how to spend it. Because, not even all treasures of the world can bring back any second that has already been spent.” So, based on this recommendation of our late teacher, I advise our young people to use the time properly and know its value. It is our greatest desire that 2019 will be a year in which our young people can dream, read, research and produce.

Our youth needs to exercise for their well-being on the one hand while they should make use of the power of the words to enrich the world of their minds. To that end, we strive to to provide them with all the facilities necessary for them to lead a life in touch with sports, science and art. With our Dormitories, Youth Centers, Youth Camps and sports facilities, we will continue to facilitate and color the lives of our youth in the new year. We know that the happier and the more successful the children and young people of Turkey are, the brighter and more promising the future of Turkey will be accordingly.

Driven by the excitement we feel as we get one step closer to 2023 targets pointed by our President, we will continue to move forward in our blessed journey in 2019 with passion and faith. 
From the bottom of my heart, I hope that 2019 will be a beautiful year, during which our nation will enjoy an uninterrupted unity and peace; the justice and compassion will prevail al around the world; and nobody in the suffering geographies will shed tears, and I extend my deepest respect and compassion to our glorious nation.”

Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
Minister of Youth and Sports