“We have been spreading efforts all together in a unity as a nation for many centuries in line with our common goals, by observing each other’s law. We consider our diversities as richness and overcome all difficulties by clamping together around our common values.
The power that keeps us together stems from the universal human values and our great passion for our country. We defeat all types of assault that we came under and every trap set to stop us, with the consciousness of being a nation as a single heart of 81 million people. 

Turkey is a great country... Our nation has built great civilizations throughout the history and won epic victories ... Today, we walk into a bright future thanks to the strength we get from the past and, we work very hard to take Turkey, which our nation deserves. Our youth is required to be the best in producing information and value, so that our country with the most dynamic population in the world can attain the place it deserves. We will make no sacrifices for the sake of achieving this goal.

While we keep up with the change experienced around the world on the one hand, we strive to cherish and cement the values to which we have been loyal for centuries, on the other hand. We know that a country can not only be strong with its goals of financial progress, thus we pay utmost attention to keeping our morale strong. Sacrifice and Eid Al-Adha carries our awareness of solidarity as individuals and society to the highest level and enables our spiritual resurrection.

Festivals are holy days on which the consciousness of being a nation is experienced at the highest level and our unity and solidarity, our friendship and brotherhood are further reinforced. Among other festivals, Eid Al-Adha plays a very special role and has a very unique spiritual climate. I hope we will all be the ones who can get the share of this beautiful holiday.
From the bottom of my heart, I sincerely celebrate the festival of all our nation, especially our dear children and young people.”

Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
Minister of Youth and Sports