12/30/2020 Minister of Youth and Sport Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu has stated that, in the last two years, women have become pioneers in every sport, and this was caused mainly because women-led policies in sports are more successful. Minister added that “We believe that, women will be pioneer in the efforts to make sports available for every individual, and to make the culture of the sports even stronger”. 

Minister Kasapoğlu received Yüksekova Belediyespor Women’s Football Team players and staff at the Head Office of Ministry. Minister Kasapoğlu stated “We are here with great players who always make us feel hopeful and exited”, he then expressed that he was happy to be with players who made Yüksekova, Hakkari, and Turkey proud.  Minister Kasapoğlu later addressed the players:

"Ministry of Youth and Sport, is your own ministry.  We are happy to welcome you all in our ministry. Women are the main core of our lives. And we are the descendants of a great culture which has always put women first, seen women as the pioneer of social life and as the core of the concepts of society and the family. We are willing to see our women in every aspect of life. And within the context of this notion, we say ‘Women are the pioneers in sports.’ One of the most important statements of our ministry in the last two years, is woman being the pioneers in all parts of sports. Because women-led policies in sports are more successful. And we are fully glad regarding this situation.”  

Minister Kasapoğlu pointed out that they wanted to create a culture of sports in Turkey; “We have a duty to make the sports a main-part of the daily life for all people, and to make people see sports as a life-style.  We believe that, women will be pioneer in the efforts to make sports available for every individual, and to make the culture of the sports even stronger”.

Minister Kasapoğlu expressed that the football team in Yüksekova makes them excited; "This is a modern football team, which shows us the importance of self-devotion, high-efforts, and diligence, as well as the friendship and team mentality. This is relatively a new story for all of us. It started only in 2017, but with firm steps forward, they managed to promote to the 2nd League. This shows us that women can deliver, when they want it. We have a great players and staff here, that show us all what can be achieved when every member of the team desire for success. I congratulate each one of you. I wish you all nothing but success in the future. No force can stand in front of hard work, endeavour, friendship, and solidarity. You prove this once more to all of us”.  

Minister Kasapoğlu especially drew attention to the success stories of sportswomen in the recent days, and continued his address as follows:  

"The success stories of our sportswomen in the last 10 days once again showed us the power of our idea on how women are the pioneers of sports. Swimming, gymnastics, modern pentathlon, and diving… We break grounds in the sports history of our country. I genuinely believe that you also have the power to be successful in the future, and that you will make us proud with even bigger success stories. The sports-future of our country is getting brighter each and every day. We especially state at every chance that, sport does not exist by only few branches.” 

"We have important projects to make Hakkari a city of sports” 

Minister Kasapoğlu told that he had visited Hakkari a couple of weeks ago:  

"We organized a rafting tournament in Zab River. We have important projects to make Hakkari a city of sports. Since the year 2002, even though we had faced we some hinders and obstacles along the way, we always continued to form, maintain and build in terms of winter sports and other branches. Just like today, friendship, togetherness, fellowship and love will win, always. I particularly want to state that the interest on sport branches is a huge source of motivation for us. In 2002, registered number of sportspeople in Hakkari was 3200, but now it is 24 thousand. Is it enough? No, it is not. We will continue to march forward. With our President’s strong leadership regarding the sports and sportspeople, we will always be here for you.” 

"We are in the service policy to be active 24/7” 

Minister Kasapoğlu said that, they set the goal of 1 million, within the scope of the project to make everyone a swimmer (Yüzme Bilmeyen Kalmasın); and they met this goal even in the middle of a pandemic. 

Minister Kasapoğlu also stated that the best benefit out of the sport facilities should be taken; “In order to make our facilities available for all of our nation, our youth, and our women, we initiated a 24/7 service policy. We overcame the existing obstacles, and we will continue to do this in the future”. 

Minister Kasapoğlu wished success for the Women’s National Football Team, which will compete against Russia in the 10th and last match of Group A of the 2022 European Championship Qualifications. Minister Kasapoğlu stated that “We are all together under this flag. I believe that with the help of your well-suited hard works, future will be brighter for all of us.” -

Captains of the Yüksekova Belediyespor Women’s Football Team Kübra Şen and Esra Arlı thanked the Minister Kasapoğlu for his good wishes and supports. Minister Kasapoğlu has a souvenir photo taken with players at the end of the meeting, and also took a selfie with the team.