Sports Emphasizing the importance of innovation in sports, Minister of Youth and Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu said, ”Innovation in sports is a topic that strengthens our hands in many ways in terms of building a healthy society, increasing the performance of our elite athletes, contributing to them and thus strengthening our hands in many aspects in terms of sports tourism.”

Ministers Kasapoğlu made a speech at the award ceremony “InovaLIG” held as part of Innovation Week. Stating that he believes that the spirit of innovation is one of the important dynamics in the modern century, Minister Kasapoğlu said:

“While the changes and developments in science, technology and industry in the world progress very rapidly, our habits and needs are changing at the same speed. In the age we are in, those who do not fall behind this rapid change, who turn to new pursuits, have a productive and visionary industry, become almost the rising star of the age. We, under the leadership of our esteemed President, grow Turkey step by step and walk with faith and courage to the future.  Thank God, Turkey has taken steps towards becoming a powerful country that can take matters into own hands. We know very well the power of taking matters into own hands, producing, innovating, discovering and what it means. And we also know that full independence is only possible with an independent national economy. To defend the independence of Turkey is possible by working, producing, and building tomorrow step by step.”

Stating that an industry that produces its own value and preserves its independence can only be achieved through innovation, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “In this context, we act with innovative approaches and we prefer both innovative and more functional studies by prioritizing the latest technological studies in our facilities, projects, and work, and we also prefer those with low cost within this framework. These innovative approaches in sports are important factors that contribute to the sports community, athletes and managers, and bring success at this point. However, “innovation in sports” is one of today’s issues that are both epochally and essential. Innovation in sports is an issue that strengthens our hands in many aspects in terms of building a healthy society, improving the performance of our elite athletes and contributing to them, and thus strengthening our hands in many aspects in terms of sports tourism. Innovation in sports is a topic that facilitates, brings and provides benefits. We see the reflections of today's technological developments in all areas of sports, including organizations and hosting.”

“The sports facility generating the most electricity with solar energy in the world is Antalya Stadium”

Ministers Kasapoğlu has mentioned that  Since the beginning of the 2000s has seen a lot of innovation in sports, Turkey is not  behind the times. Taking the Antalya Stadium as an example, Minister Kasapoğlu continued his words as follows:

“The sports facility generating the most electricity with solar energy in the world is Antalya Stadium. Antalya Stadium solar power plant is a facility that generates an average of 1 million 810 thousand 400 kw / hour of electricity and in this sense meets all the electricity needs of 547 people in their daily lives. Our pools, which are used within the scope of our “Nobody Who Knows To Swim” project carried out by our Ministry, can also be evaluated within this framework. These sports innovation products established in areas without swimming pools, have helped thousands of young people learn to swim quickly and gain access to pools. Again, Passolig is known as an electronic ticket system which is required for entry to a football match in Turkey. In accordance with the “Law on the Prevention of Violence and Irregularity in Sports No.6222”,  the use of paper tickets has ended thanks to this application, which was implemented in 2014, and the fans were avoided waiting in the ticket line in front of the stadium.”

“Our 2023 goals are an important vision study for us”

Ministers Kasapoğlu has stated that innovation is not an individual but a social benefit, and has expressed that they built the pool of athletes in Turkey in accordance with the requirements of the age.

Explaining that the talent screening module in the "Sports Information System" was created entirely with an online application, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Approximately 1 million 300 thousand of our young people and students have participated in these measurements and their values and data in this sense were shared through the sports report card created on “e-government”. Within this framework, in line with the data of 1 million 300 thousand students, a study of the sportive norms of our country is formed. This study is almost a revolution in building the bright future of Turkish sports. Our work teams in our Ministry prevent both bureaucratic cumbersome and delays thanks to the “Sports Information System” that they have developed. Again, within this framework, our 2023 targets are an important vision study for us, and in this sense, we put forward many applications and many innovative advances.”

Minister Kasapoğlu stated that they are currently making biometric models of performance athletes by using smart learning methods in terms of orientation to sports and early branching, and said, “Our practice makes great contributions to the development of Turkish sports in the light of scientific data and already heralds that our youth will shine like a star in the world. The impact of innovation on sports events organized by our country in the most beautiful way in sports organizations and hosted in the warmest way is definitely great. In the facilities where the organizations are held, engineering solutions and technological developments are used extensively in terms of ease of use.”

Stating  that they live sports facilities built in 7 days 24 hours anywhere in Turkey, Minister Kasapoğlu stressed that these facilities are also the living areas equipped with a modern and smart technology.

Code name 2023 Project and Try-and-do Technology Workshops

Minister Kasapoğlu also gave information about “Code name 2023 Project” and “Try-and-do Technology Workshops”. Stating that youth centers have made extraordinary works in the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, Minister Kasapoğlu said:

“One of them is the Code Name 2023 Project, which we have implemented in all 81 provinces. We provide training on algorithms, coding, electronic and robotic programming, games and animation, and mobile applications to our youth within the scope of the project. In addition, we organize many training and seminar programs on the importance of national software, early coding training, digital information security, cyber security, effective social media management and digital marketing. The products and projects produced by our youth within the scope of the Code Name 2023 Project are exhibited in leading technology fairs and we are proudly observing many developments in this regard.“

Stating that another project is “Try-and-do Technology Workshops”, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “A very visionary, very superior project was implemented last year for our youth in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Ministry of Industry and Technology, TÜBİTAK and the T3 Foundation. We continue to support our young people to be much more productive through  teamwork, innovative thinking and project development-oriented training programs by establishing and developing technology workshops in our youth centers in 12 different cities.  In these workshops, young people receive training in design and production, robotic coding, electronic programming, internet of things, software technologies, cyber security, energy technologies, aviation technologies and artificial intelligence. A world understanding that attaches great importance to doing things that will make life easier not only for itself but also for others, and even removing the stone that will constitute an obstacle as charity is an important message that should be given to today's global understanding.”
Stating that they continue the struggle with great faith under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Minister Kasapoğlu completed his words as follows:

“The principle that the two days are equal is the cornerstone of our progress and innovation study. As the Ministry of Youth and Sports, we look at the concept of innovation from this perspective and continue our efforts to encourage young people and reinterpret sports with innovation. Thank God that today, The Republic of Turkey is able to provide all kinds of opportunities to its  entrepreneur, the young, the manufacturer, athletes in all areas.  of the entrepreneur, the young, the manufacturer.” Turkey’s caravan will go with the excitement and belief of the brilliant young people of this country. Our future will rise in the dreams of our younger generations. Hereby, I extend once again my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the organization of this event, especially our Trade Ministry and Turkey Exporters Assembly and I greet you with respect and fondness.”