12/26/2020 Within the framework of the rigorous works carried out by Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu from the time he has taken over his duty, millions of young people around Turkey has met the branch of swimming and were brought into this field of sport. Achievement reached in 2020 by our National swimmers as a result of such works drew the attention of international swimming community and Turkey has been awarded with ‘National Development Award’ in 2020 Swammy Awards organized by SwimSwam, which is one of the most prestigious swimming websites of the World.

While the target to achieve is to reach 1 million people within the scope of the project ‘Everybody will Learn Swimming’ organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports, tens of thousands of young people are caused to love the branch of swimming with this project. On the other hand, sports innovation products established in the areas without swimming pool also help thousands of young people to learn to swim quickly and gain access to the pools. 

Besides, our National swimmers are in endeavour to achieve new records in Olympics Preparation Centres, actualized by the Ministry in order to raise the Olympics champions of the future.

Within the framework of all these efforts, historical achievements of our national swimmers are closely followed by the international swimming community.

Turkey is the winner of the National Development Award

Turkey has been awarded with ‘National Development Award’ in 2020 Swammy Awards organized by SwimSwam, which is one of the most prestigious swimming websites of the World.

2020 performance of our athletes is analysed in the news, in which the records achieved by our National athletes and the support of Turkey for youth setup in branch of swimming are highlighted.

In the article which praises Emre Sakçı, who has attracted the swimming community with his times he achieved this year, it is stated “Breaststroker Emre Sakçı was probably the most notable breakout in a year of breakouts for Turkey. The 23-year-old starred in the International Swimming League, setting new Turkish national records in the 50 m breaststroke (25.74) in short course meters. Sakçı grabbed European record with 100 m breaststroke (55.74). He His 100 m breaststroke was a drop of almost a second from his best time prior to 2020.

In the news in which the times of National swimmers Yiğit Aslan, Mert Kılavuz,  Beril Böcekler, Viktoria Güneş are the spotlight, Merve Tuncel’s world record in youths short course for women 1500 m freestyle with her time of 15:45.29 is especially highlighted.

The article, in which the assessments of Turkey Olympics Preparation Centres that hosts our Athletes, is finished as:

“Turkey has set national records in 54 of 90 overall swimming events. That’s a very rapid rise for a nation that looks ready to jump onto the world stage in the next Olympic cycle.”

Minister Kasapoğlu: “We are proud of our National swimmers”

Making statements regarding the achievements reached and records broken by our national swimmers in 2020, Youth and Sports Minister Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu stated: “We are proud to be witnessing a year in swimming that makes the history”.

Noting that national swimmers have achieved great success throughout 2020, Minister Kasapoğlu said, “Our athletes, with their times they achieved, have proved to the world that how assertive they could be in the upcoming international organizations, especially in Tokyo 2021. Minister Kasapoğlu has completed his words as follows:

“We know that achievements of our national athletes are closely followed by the world swimming community. The achievements reached are not occasional. The biggest reasons for this beautiful scenario are that our country’s youth setup, appropriate coaching methods and facilities at international standards. The achievements and records of our young brothers and sisters will continue to be praised. We sincerely believe this.”