Dr. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu, the Minister of Youth and Sports, issued a New Year message for 2021.

Here is what the Minister Kasapoglu had to say in his celebration message;

“We have come to the end of the challenging year -2020, and now we are preparing to welcome the New Year with good hopes.
With the reality of the Coronavirus that broke out in China in late 2019 and turned into a pandemic, we –like the rest of the entire world- have gone through a tough period we have not experienced before. We have struggled as a nation and humanity altogether with the pandemic that has impacted every aspect of our lives and we continue to work our way out. We all learned a lot from this experience that caused all humanity to suffer; we learned very important lessons about the future. While carrying our country to the future under the historical leadership of our President, we will of course make the most of the lessons we have learned from this historical pandemic process and make preparations for the possibility of experiencing similar processes in the future.
There is no doubt that the greatest heroes of this period have been our healthcare professionals who courageously and devotedly took part in the forefront of this mighty battle. In addition, our scientists, volunteer support groups and security forces worked intensively and became the biggest supporters of our nation during the pandemic period.

We are grateful and thankful to all who have supported this process.
During this period of numerous difficulties, our Ministry has also played a significant role in this comprehensive fight against the virus. Due to the fact that the virus has stemmed from abroad, our student hostels have undertaken a vital role in keeping the contagion under control, especially during the 14-day lock-down period applied for the flights arriving in our country. I am proud to mention that, in this tough period, our dormitories proved once again that they have been a safe shelter and warm home not only for our youth but also our nation.
Since March 2020, we have offered all types of our support we had, to our youth who continue their education distantly. I would like to send my appreciation to all our teenagers who have made a great sacrifice to protect themselves, their families and all members of the society and who shared their dormitories and rooms with our guests in the lockdown period, by following the call to “Stay at Home”. They were also the secret heroes of this period, we are all proud of them. We believe that they will return their dormitories and schools very soon and we look forward to the days when we will meet and chat with our young people again.

Unfortunately, the sports activities were one of the areas most affected by the pandemic. Unfortunately, many organizations, including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, could not take place and had to be postponed. However, our athletes, who faithfully continued to work despite the conditions of this quarantine period and turned unfavourable conditions into positive opportunities, gave our nation a great joy and pride with the successive championships and records when the organizations resumed. We have always been supportive to our athletes with all our resources so that their performance and motivation could always be high. This effort, which we have made together with all the stakeholders of the sports community, has ensured that our success in sports continues in such a demanding period of time. These efforts have been crowned with the great successes achieved by our athletes.

We wish everyone a fantastic year in 2021, when we will get back to everything we have longed for; I wish our nation and all humanity a happy, healthy, peaceful year. “
Dr. Mehmet Muharrem KASAPOGLU
The Minister of Youth and Sports.