Deputy Minister Hamza Yerlikaya

Hamza Yerlikaya who is originally from Sivas was born in Kadikoy, Istanbul on June 3, 1976. Having graduated from the Department of Physical Education and Sports, Burdur Education Faculty, Suleyman Demirel University, Mr. Yerlikaya completed his post graduate education at Sakarya University.

Awarded the title of ‘The Wrestler of the Century’ by the World Wrestling Federation (FILA) at the time, as the world champion in 17-year-old adult category, Hamza Yerlikaya is the winner of 2 Olympics, 3 World and 8 European championships in the adult category.

Following the gold medal he won at Atlanta Olympic Games in 1996, Mr. Yerlikaya was awarded the ‘State Medal of Distinguished Service of the Republic of Turkey’ in 1997 and he put an end to his career in sports in 2007.

Elected as AK Party 23rd Term MP for Sivas in the general elections held in 2007, Hamza Yerlikaya also served as the Member of Turkey’s National Olympic Committee (TMOK), the Advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports and as the Member of (TBMM) Parliamentary Commissions of National Education as well as Youth and Sports during this term. Mr. Yerlikaya, who was elected as the Head of Wrestling Federation in 2012 following his 3-year service as the Member of Parliament, took on his post as the Chief Advisor to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the Presidential Complex.

Hamza Yerlikaya, Deputy Minister to the Minister of Youth and Sports, is married with 3 children.