Department of Strategy Development fulfils the duties laid down in the articles #184 and 195 of the Presidential Decree No. 1 on the Presidential Organization, Article #60 of the Public Finance Management and Control Law No. 5018, Article #15 of the Law No. 5436 Related to Making Amendments on Some Laws and Legislative Decrees, upon the Law on Public Finance Management and Control Law and Law and Articles #4 and 5 of the Regulations on the Procedures and Principles Regarding the Operation of the Strategy Development Units.

Pursuant thereto; the primary duties of the Strategy Development Unit are as follows:

Strategic Management and Planning

To create a preliminary program for the strategic planning studies of the Ministry; to deliver the training and consultation services that will be needed during the strategic planning process; and to coordinate strategic planning studies.

To prepare the annual report of the Ministry.

To carry out the studies to determine the mission, vision and core values of the Ministry.

To determine the strengths and areas of development for the Ministry.

To scrutinize the external factors that will affect the services resting with the core responsibility of the Ministry.

To decide on the new service opportunities and take measures against the threats preventing the effectiveness and efficiency.

To conduct internal capacity research; to analyse the effectiveness of services and the level of beneficiary satisfaction.

To carry out research and development activities concerning the core responsibility of the Ministry.

To gather, classify and analyse the information and data regarding the Ministerial activities.

Development of Performance and Quality Criteria

To develop performance and quality-related criteria with respect to the subjects falling within the core responsibility of the Ministry.

To gather, analyse and interpret the information and data about improving the services as well as performance.

To assess the compliance of ministerial units with the performance and quality criteria and to submit them to the senior manager.

Management Information System

To perform the services related to management information systems, in cooperation with the relevant units.

To carry out the studies towards the development of management information system.

To keep statistical records and perform quality control procedures.

Financial Services

Budget and performance program;

To coordinate the preparations for the performance program,

To prepare the budget,

To prepare the budgets of the provincial directorates and to follow up the implementation results,

To prepare comprehensive expenditures program,

To perform budget-related transactions and keep the records thereof,

To draw up the paperwork for fund appropriation,

To carry out the follow-up procedures for the accrual of revenues and receivables,

To coordinate the investment program preparations; to monitor the implementation results; and to prepare the annual investment evaluation report,

To report budget implementation results; to produce measures in order to prevent the issues and increase effectiveness,

To monitor and evaluate the compliance of ministerial activities with the strategic plan, performance program and the budget.

Accounting, final account and reporting;

To prepare the final account for the budget,

To draw up the condensed statement for the movable property management period,

To prepare financial statistics.

Internal control;

To carry out studies in the subjects of establishment of the internal control system, implementation and development of the standards thereof,

To prepare the standards on the matters regarding the core responsibility of the Ministry,

To fulfil the duty of the preliminary financial audit.